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My weekend

I had a lot of fun this weekend。

I got up at seven fifteen。 I brushed my teeth and had some food for breakfast。 Then,I went to the park with my good friends。 We had a picnic there。 We brought some apples,some mangoes,some sandwiches and some juice。The apples and the mangoes were sweet。 The sandwiches were delicious。 The juice was nice。 After lunch, we began playing games。 We also played table tennis。 Wewere all happy。

I had a good weekend, what about you?


快樂的時刻The Happy Moment

Last night, I went to see the movie with my friends。 It was a cartoon movie, my friends and I were immerged into the story。 It was the first time for me to go out at night, because my parents never let me do that before。 Now they think I have grown up and can protect myself, so they allow me to go out at night。 It is such a happy moment for me。




My mother is the most diligent person in my house, she takes care of me all the time and does all the housework。 As I grow up, I realize that my mother is such a great woman, what she does for us surpasses everything。 I find my mother’s hands are not as smooth as other person’s, but in my eyes, they are the most beautiful hands。



開心的日子Happy Days

When the summer holiday es, I will be very happy, because my family and I will go to travel。 I like travel so much, I can not only see the beautiful scenery, but also can spend the time with my parents。 I feel so easy and don’t have to study, I just play and enjoy my moment。 This is my most happy days。



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I want to learn Chinese zither

Hello, classmates! My name is Linda。 I am a student at yu CAI middle school。 So I have a very very long holiday。 It makes me so happy。 I decided to study a talent。 This holiday I want to learn a musical instrument。 I think it is very useful for me。 And my mother also said, "music can change a person"s temperament, sublimation of his soul, let him more perfect。" So I want to learn guzheng, I like Chinese zither。 Because I think guzheng voice is very beautiful, often let me intoxicated。 Can you play the guzheng? Can help me to learn it? I will thank you very much。


米老鼠Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is the memory of my childhood。 I like to watch cartoon so much when I was in primary school, Mickey Mouse is my favorite cartoon character。 He is so cute and funny, the things he does will make me laugh happily。 I will never forget his voice, even though I grow up。 Mickey Mouse is like my friend and acpanies me all the time。



美麗的街道Beautiful Street

Today, when I walk on the street, I find the street is so beautiful。 There is some lovely pictures on the sidewalk, the picture of giraffe, panda and monkey。 When people see these lovely animals, they feel so good。 I think it is such a nice act to paint these pictures on the street, it makes this city look beautiful。



My Mother

My mother is a very ordinary person, but to give my love, but not in general。 I have always been a well-built children, few are ill, so I naturally know less than mother carried me to hospital on his feelings。 A mother"s love here and, therefore, bee slightly up, is very not easy to detect, but found that is extremely touched。 I have been very restless sleep, always will lift the quilt, even in the winter, I always think it is entirely due to my born good physical quality。 But since that night, I didn"t know I was wrong。 It is winter night, I tossed and turned in bed can"t sleep, suddenly, a figure e into my room, it was mom ?


My sister day

Hi,my name is Linda 。Mary is my sister。Her habbit is unhealthy。She usually get up at halp past six。Then she brush her teeth and wash her face。She eat breakfast is too quickly,beacuse she always go to school at seven o"clock。But she eat breakfast at fifteen to seven,so she doesn"t have many times for breakfast。At noon she usually eat hamburgers and drink juice ,then she do her noon homework 。 After school , she get to home do her homework first 。 She always eat dessert after dinner,she know it is not good for her healthy。But it taste very good。And then she watch TV or play eputer games。 At ten o"clock she go to bed。What can she do?


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